Monday, September 19, 2011

Birth and Already, Not Yet

Early in the morning on Thursday, September First, I stood by (holding, shouting, coaching, gawking) as my wife gave birth to our first child, Jada.  A few brief observations:

1. I am convinced that she (my wife) is the strongest human being alive.  Strong of mind and body.  It's likely that every husband who has been present for the birth of one of his children shares my sentiment for his own wife.

2. Never have I seen the already and not yet come so closely together - to the point where it is genuinely hard to differentiate.  My little girl came 5 weeks early.  Labor was obviously painful and exhausting.  Genesis says this is a result of the Fall.  And yet, the process in and of itself strengthened my daughter and sparked necessary hormonal responses in her body and my wife's body that help my daughter thrive.  Lactation is a miracle.  The interaction from one body to another.  And yet, lactation can be frustrating and painful.

3. My father likes to ruminate on the way birth is central to our economy - truly, the companies that are barraging us with their services has grown.  Birth has a powerful effect on the economy of relationships as well.  We sense a deep and joyful connection with much of our church community as people have come around us in support.  If only every set of new parents could experience such joy.

Please enjoy a few pictures:

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